This band succeeded in seamlessly interweaving the essence of their traditions, creating multi-colored musical impressions that brilliantly reflect their biotope. This album is worth more than one re-listen."

Bart Vanoutrive - New Folk Sounds (Belgium)

We came together as a four-piece band for the first time in February 2016 on the Estonian island Saaremaa for a 7 days’ band camp where we created the songs and tunes recorded on this album.

It was an intense experience in a beautiful and inspiring environment. ‘Saar’ means ‘Island’ in Estonian and it felt in many ways like a very symbolic title for this album.

Latest album

  1. Notsu
  2. Väike Lind
  3. Peterburi
  4. Kivid
  5. Poti Kolm
  6. Metsakuningas
  7. Björn / Uni
  8. Kalev & Linda
  9. Kosjalaul
  10. Marigold
  11. Öö ja päeva vahel