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"Fragile, dynamic, subtle and energetic. Fantastic musicianship!"

5 Planètes (France)

Apart from performing as a solo artist in a more fragile and intimate setting, Hartwin loves the magic of creating and performing music with other musicians.

Pavel Souvandjiev (Hartwin’s cousin) grew up in a musical family and plays the violin since the age of four. Starting off with classical music education as a child, he came home in the trad & folk music scene around the age of 14. The safe harbour where he is mainly known as one of the founding members of the successful trio ‘Aerokorda'. Being gifted with excellent violin skills, his presence in the trio lifts the music into a higher universe.

Flavia Escartin (Cello) grew up in the Catalan countryside in a farmhouse between vineyards and beautiful nature landscapes. The influence of these surroundings make her style organic and ineffable. But she also has roots in the West. With her Belgian mother she regularly visited her grandparents in the city of Ghent and she is currently based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Flavia also performs often with her sister Laia under the name 'Escarteen Sisters' and collaborates often with musicians from the Jazz and World music scene. Her groovy chops and fluent bowing techniques make the trio's repertoire swing like a train.

Latest record

Valge Valgus

1. Algus - Beginning 2. Hovus - Flow 3. Udu - Fog 4. Peegeldused - Reflections 5. Kajakad - Seagulls 6. Ösel Valss - Ösel Waltz 7. Labürint - Labyrinth 8. Allikas - Source 9. Valge Valgus - White Light

Record label:
Trad Records
Studio Trad - Jeroen Geerinck (2021)

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