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"Trio Dhoore has become a leading Flemish music export and firm festival favourite across Europe and Canada. Their terrific fourth album is often entrancing, always entertaining and seems likely to remain endlessly listenable"

Songlines Magazine (Scotland)

Trio Dhoore, is a band existing out of three brothers from Flanders found in 2010; Know for its innovative instrumental compositions rooted in the Flemish traditional music.

Growing up in a family where making music was encouraged and folk music was never far away Ward, Hartwin & Koen started playing their first traditional tunes together around the kitchen table at the age of ten. The seed was planted.

Visiting folk music festivals like ‘Dranouter & Gooikoorts’ as teenagers was a great introduction to the trad & world music scene as the line-up always consisted out of bands from around the globe. It was in those festivals they had their first sessions and performances at free-stages. The train took off and never stopped.

Through the years the brothers managed to create their own musical identity that attracted many listeners far across the Flemish borders. Highlights such as Festival Dranouter (Belgium), Rudolstadt (Germany), Shetland FMF (Scotland), Sidmouth Folk Week (England), Féte de la Vielle (France), Körro FMF (Sweden) and Kaustinen FMF (Finland) are only a few examples of their many successful festival appearances.

With concerts all over Europe (both festivals and art centers), the band established a wide fanbase on which they have built a strong carrier, releasing four full albums that all have been well received.

Their latest album “August” existing out of 9 instrumental chapters tells the story of a Flemish fisherman called August who survived over 33 dangerous journey’s between Flanders and Iceland in the 18th Century to feed his family back home. A man who didn’t give up; an inspiration to many. Diatonic accordion, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, and electronic effects complement each other seamlessly on the musical soundscape that this album is. August is a purified collection of self-written tunes by the Dhoore-brothers that is the result of making music together for almost 10 years. In 2021 the brothers got awarded with a Flanders Folk Award in the ‘Best Album’ category with their album ‘August’.

Latest record


1. August 2. Heuvelland 3. Haven 4. Poldervuur 5. Innsbruck 6. Rednak 7. S.Trad 8. Noord 9. Speelhuis

Record label:
Trad Records
Studio Trad - Jeroen Geerinck (2019)

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