Viorel has a passion for balfolk: music, made for dancing, performed by folk-flandriens Hartwin Dhoore on diatonic accordion and Jeroen Geerinck on acoustic guitar. They both have been playing as solo artists all across Europe for many years, Viorel is now a new "etappe" in their musical journey. From their years-long friendship, they found inspiration in each other’s persistency to keep making new music, even in the challenging period of 2020-2021. Spontaneity and purity is key when making music together. With a brand new repertoire, they aim for a true connection with the dancers: into the "core of balfolk" according to Viorel.

Their debut “Flandriens” includes 11 original gentle balfolk tunes that reflect the energy of their live performances.

The newly composed melodies on this album are the result of co-writing sessions in the spring of 2022. Although Viorel persues a sound close to the acoustics of their instruments, their playful arrangements bring a subtle flow to the repertoire.

A fresh-sounding record, co-written by two passionate musicians that know their craft.

Latest record


1. Mississippi river / The big easy (Scottish) 2. Captain Emmet / Swamp ride (Chapelloise) 3. Willow Fields (Waltz 5t.) 4. Le due Torri (Mazurka) 5. Roi du parquet (Waltz) 6. Uncle Wilbur's (Scottish) 7. On tour / No tour (Bourree 2t.) 8. Simon's Waltz (Waltz) 9. Flandriens (Scottish) 10. Jax (Mazurka) 11. Honeybee (Hanterdro)

Record label:
Trad Records
Studio Trad - Jeroen Geerinck (2019)

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